Monday, 11 April 2016

School's In

School holidays have come to an end with Sarah, Jess and Wallace returning to school yesterday afternoon.  And with that, the noise levels, washing volume, meal requirements and sibling arguments have all reduced. In its place is a quietness that leaves us all a little sad as we revert back to being a single child family.  Sal's back on air, tackling fractions and noun groups and the password issues that seem to always herald the start of a new term.

The holidays weren't without incident.  And I'm not joking when I say the theatre staff at Hillcrest Hospital now know us all by name.  "How's Sally's arm?"  How's Matthew going?"  "Any movement in those fingers yet?" "What are you doing back here?"  "Let me guess, horse fall?"  No discussion of family discount however.  Though we are getting good benefit from only having to pay that excess once annually.

Penny the naughty puppy gave us a dreadful fright last week after having a little chew on a cane toad. Fortunately she's lived to tell the tale.

Anybody who travels the highway past our place would recall a Daddy Emu doing a mighty job raising seven chicks on our lucerne patch last year.  They're all big kids now and still like to visit, much to the noisy delight of the dogs.

While the big fella's still got a long way to go with full recovery in his left hand, he's not been taking it too easy.  

This mega-structure the latest in The Smokin' Yak's barbecueing arsenal should be ready to fire up within the fortnight.

And so with Term 2 underway, Sal's back on every job on the roster.


  1. Awww Noakesy, I'm sorry, a good horsewoman would have shod that horse for you!

  2. You must be missing the noise and fullness of having the family all home. I just had some family to visit over the Easter holidays and even though it was crowded and noisy while they were here, the house felt so empty with them gone. I hope time flies until you get to see all the kids together again. Looks like you have a good helper there in Sal, even if not a keen one. Have a great week.

  3. Thought you'd be able to set that arm yourself 😳

  4. Gorgeous photos of Penny and the emu's. Peace and quiet is often looked for, but I well understand that as the children leave for school. it is really not what you want. I do hope the arm and shoulder mend quickly.



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