Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Easter Edition

March and April are undoubtedly my two favourite months of the year.  The Summer heat has begun to fade (and what a long, hot one this has been), rain has fallen and grass is plentiful.  And of course Easter happens to fall at this time.

As Easter tradition dictates, we headed to Bottle Tree to surround ourselves with Buffel grass, fat cows and an abundance of home baking and chocolate treats.  Put back just one day to accommodate a 'fixed time AI program' at home on Good Friday, we arrived Saturday morning to start gathering cows.

We took off just the top of the weaners, branded the last of the baby calves and sent some fat cows away.

Frisky ponies were ridden,

and more sedate means of transportation utilised,

for those still under an injury cloud. Not surprisingly, one hand is still sufficient to provide more than adequate hand signals and proper direction to the troops.  So while Dad rode Big Red,

Jess was on Flash,

Sally on Chikita,

and Sarah on Bullzye.  Who will soon be passed along to Wallace, as Sarah's new steed has arrived.

 Who unfortunately came off the truck a little lame, so had to be left in the horse paddock.

A rogue shower Sunday afternoon saw everybody soaked to the bone and 15mm rain in the guage.

And just in case you thought somebody may have been missing, Wallace is now thirteen and can no longer be photographed!

We arrived back home late Monday afternoon and are relishing two glorious weeks of school holidays.  Hoping everybody enjoyed a wonderful Easter.


  1. Good to catch up with your goings on. How far do you have to travel to Bottle Tree?

    1. It's a two and a half hour trip Anne ... which makes just ducking over to start a pump quite a long-winded affair.

  2. Wonderful to see the land and cattle looking so good.
    Your photos are so impressive, especially the horseback shots. One feels you are there watching the action.

    1. It's the best time of year Helen, country and cattle always at their best.

  3. Always wonderful to see you here Fiona!

    1. Thanks Ali, hope is all is well in your wonderland. Warming up perhaps?

  4. Lovely to get the latest news from the farm and so nice to have you back in blogland Fiona!
    I am pleased for you getting some decent rain, nature and beasts are thriving.

  5. we've got some calf marking coming up as soon as the holidays hit.........glad to see everyone enjoying the holidays........

  6. Sounds like a productive Easter and one that wore off any chocolate consumption!!

  7. It sounds like you earnt that chocolate. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. The girls look amazing on their horses and that rainbow is so pretty. What 13yr old boy like photos ... actually what man likes photos.



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