Sunday, 7 February 2016


We love a birthday in these parts. No matter whose it is we all equally relish the opportunity for a celebration. Weather advice Friday predicted somewhere between 100 and 300 mm of rain for our region (further cause for celebration), indicating that three high schoolers really should have had the weekend at school.  Jess the birthday girl however wouldn't hear of it, and so all came home early Friday, and of course no rain fell.

No complaints however, after eight inches recorded for the week at Rock Wallaby.  Four inches of beautiful grass rain at Bottle Tree, but unfortunately no run-off as yet, so we will continue to pump water there.

Jess was up at 5 proclaiming to all who would listen that it was indeed her birthday Saturday.

With the whole family rejoicing in the ukelele gifted from Nan and G'Dad!

We've been counting the joy. ALL. weekend.

With Sal to remain in a cast for another five weeks, after a little prompting from one frustrated mother, Dr Gomez made it very clear to her during last week's visit that she was not to even consider sitting on a horse's back during that time, and possibly even for some time after the plaster's removed.

So riderless Chikita has been subjected to a whole new array of tricks, including smiling, bowing and lying down.

With Dad's arm immobilised for at least another four weeks,

Wal has become his left hand man.

And will soon step into the role of chief dehorner as a growing team of calves at Bottle Tree can't wait for Dad's full recovery.

Sarah received her 'Senior' badge at a special assembly Friday, marking the beginning of a very important year for her.

There's been bacon smoked,

special birthday dinners enjoyed,

and of course birthday cake shared.

The school-term normal is returning to our lives with three back at school, leaving my two one-armed bandits at home.  The evening routine of fielding calls from the three teenagers is now interspersed with meal-cutting-up duties.  And with Matthew not allowed to drive for another seven weeks, my day job now includes driving Miss Daisy.


  1. Your kids are growing up to be such beauties! I loved this post - your photos and stories are so crisp and clear and wonderful. I do hope the rain comes for you soon; everything feels better when the weather does what it should. And meanwhile, best quality healing to the various broken bones around the place (in those very pretty casts!).

  2. Happy Birthday to Jess! My 15 year old would never get out of bed at 5 am, not even on his Birthday. Such a shame because I really miss the exiting early Birthday mornings. Horse training sounds like fun, does Chikita do roll-overs yet? :-) Hope the bones are healing well. x

  3. what did you do to Nan and Grandad to have such a gift bestowed?! I am assuming Jessie's skills in ukelele playing are not advanced... (Happy Birthday Jess!)
    SENIOR? No WAY! jeepers.
    And even Wal is looking very much a young man and not ratbag kid anymore.
    Well, its up to Sal to make you feel like a young mum for a while yet ;-) Am pretty sure with the hoppy winged family, you will be quite happy to have independent family members again VERY soon!

  4. OOPS! Looks like another forgetment. Hopefully things will improve shortly. Happy Birthday beautiful Jess, Grandi and I will make it all up to you all one day.
    Ask me one day when no one is listening how I caught the pesky rat,

  5. I have just discovered your blog and have been browsing and enjoying your posts of your hectic life on the land.
    I am full of admiration for your positive outlook on life and am delighting in your wonderful photography skills.

  6. Happy Birthday to your the horse tricks ...wishing your one armed family members a speedy recovery...that cake looks amazing !!

  7. Happy birthday Jess...........15 just sounds so much older the 14 OMG..........OMG Sarah is a senior.......hope the patients are healing well and not driving you too nuts.......hang in there even thought it feels like forever now I am sure....

  8. Wow, cool cake. Lovely photos of everyone.

  9. I just can't get over how grown up your kids are. I've followed along on your journey for a few years and love seeing what you are up to. At least everyone seems to have adapted to their injuries for the time being.



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