Friday, 8 January 2016

Carefree Summer Days

With the big fella still officially on holidays until next week (though the phone has started to ring again), the tempo of days has been somewhat relaxed.  For me at least.  I've been taking it decidedly easy, even managing to devour three books.  Between dozer work and welding, Matthew's kept himself well occupied and I shall raise my head from the pages when cattle work resumes shortly.

We travelled to Bottle Tree earlier this week, and after much pleading from the girls brought their horses home until next muster.  Unfortunately no rain there from the most recent influence, though cattle are looking well, having gained some ground from rain received before Christmas.  We'll return for a round of branding before the child workforce returns to school.

In terrific news, we received close to five inches of rain over two days early in the week here at home.

Putting grins on all faces.

Horses have since been washed, manes hogged, hooves trimmed, tails tidied.  Kids remain a little scruffy.


  1. Groomed or 'scruffy', you all look wonderful. So glad about the rain (which never stops here). Hope you continue to get peace to read.

  2. wow 5 inchs is great.............hope you get followup and would be great to see some at Bottle Tree......enjoy the hols time sure is flying.......

  3. You're on fire! Horses look great. Girls growing like weeds (same here rain or no rain). But !! Where's wally ?!!! (Or rather, Wallace) Stll fishin'?!!

  4. Ps do you a deal. When the drought breaks> blogging will recommence.

  5. Glad you've got your rain. Everyone looks very happy.

  6. Welcome back! Whilst I did find a couple of new blogs to fill the void, I have missed your words!
    Looking forward to getting to Rocky soon to taste some of your BBQ! It seems to be a huge hit! :-)



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