Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I know I'm not meant to be in here,

and I do wish there was a more dignified process to get me out.

But it is a great way to make new friends.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Some Snaps from the Week Gone by

Potted Geraniums ... to take one's mind off the brown lawn thanks to Jack Frost's recent visits.
First time in our eleven years of occupation.

Blueberries ... part of a Blueberry/Oat Slice ... surprisingly healthy yet still edible by children.

Parsley thriving in the garden.
In fact I'm a dab hand at growing herbs/veges we rarely eat.
Egg plant anyone?

The lead-up to the Carcase Comp dinner ... checking results ... too much pressure.

The Dinner.

A different dinner.

Dad gave Wal a haircut ... a little fun at intermission.

Molasses back on the bovine menu.

Steers haltered and ready for the next phase of training.

We've left Harry Potter behind, Ranger's Apprentice is currently on the bookshelf.

Child labour being utilised in the pre-painting saga prep.
Allowing me time to spend countless hours choosing a suitable paint colour.
Dulux Milton Moon currently leading the race.

Hopefully this week we'll commence painting.
Stay tuned.

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Magnificent Seven

We generally sell our steers as weaners straight off Mum.  But with kids keen as mustard to do some cattle-showing, we managed to side-gate a few little fellas who have now come home.

Sal has spent every spare moment at the yards with these boys, in particular her special charge Victor.

Who is absolutely basking in the attention warranted a show steer.

The final showing for these boys will be as part of next year's Hoof/Hook competition.
Though we're keeping that a little quiet for the moment.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

This Sunday

I've been feeling sorry for myself all day.

Firstly, saddened to farewell three decks of beautiful heifers to the feedlot, where after a hundred days of grain, will become grainfed beef.

Realistically, far too good to become steak burgers, these girls should have been breeders. Impeccable temperament and good types of heifers, unfortunately seasonal conditions and monetary requirements dictated these couldn't be kept.

And secondly I farewelled my two beautiful oldest daughters back to school in town.

(old photo)

Always a long drive home.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Another Day Out

Sal appointed herself chief photographer yesterday as we headed to Bottle Tree to preg-test  heifers.

Heifers who should have been empty, but sometimes pesky bulls alter the outcome.  Fortuitously only five pregnancies were detected, with the empties all destined for the feedlot this weekend.  

 Part of Operation El-Nino.

My team fought from the moment we left home until their heads hit their pillows.

It isn't all sunshine and butterflies here people.

Daytrips to Bottle Tree aren't a picnic, five hours of travelling a recipe for sibling disharmony.

We thought we were going very well, having finished the job early.  A check of the notebook revealed we were nine heifers short, resulting in much time spent re-mustering the paddock.

The cheeky devils were found and yarded.
Today we're home for the first time these holidays.  Bags are being packed for 'back to school'.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

I Spy ...

... on our way home from Bottle Tree late this afternoon ...

... something beginning with 'S'.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fogs & Dogs

Yet another weekend at Bottle Tree dealing with kids, dogs, weaners and fences.  A nervous time mustering for the canine team when the big fella's packing a weapon.  Meant for the increasing number of wild dogs, not the domestic variety.

Everything's been frosted, many dams are near dry, cattle are being moved, drought preparations are already underway.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Winter Weaning

School holidays are well underway with a series of dark-thirty starts to keep the troops appreciating their education.  Weaning at Bottle Tree commenced over the weekend and much backing and forthing has since transpired, with feeding and working weaners on the daily checklist.

Cheeky out of season calves seem to appear every Winter reminding us that fences are no match for amorous bulls.

Grandad's pesky mountain cows, who can sometimes take a little persuasive encouragement to come to the yards were most capably returned to their paddock by the kid team having had weaners removed.

Two days later we were greeted by them back at the yards, bellowing for babies.

Looks like some more fencing and mustering on the agenda in coming days.

Mother Nature has been reminding us that Winter can in fact be experienced in the tropics,

this face indicating that perhaps a vest wasn't enough warmth on this frosty morning.


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