Thursday, 26 June 2014

One's Home ... but not for Long.

I have one girl home with me today, fresh from the confines of boarding school.

Sarah is reveling in her work experience stint at a veterinary surgery in town.  Her enthusiasm music to a mother's ears and tales of corgis, cats and caesareans enjoyed by all her animal-enthusiast siblings.

Jess is our only one heading into the Junior Beef Show next week and packing has commenced.

The other three are quite unconcerned, looking forward to time at home and hopeful that we may commence training on some weaners coming off this weekend.

Jess can camp in the cold, rise in the dark and smell like a cow.
And though I've no issue with the latter two, I do like my warm bed.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Some Snapshots from This Week

Hungry, gorgeous piggies waiting for dinner.

Vege seedlings surviving ....

.... after installation of the 'rabbit-proof fence'.  Note the Chilli Spray still hanging on the fence.  Apparently our rabbits love hot'n'spicy.

Mandarins being enjoyed during afternoon chores.

The big fella's been busy with grid construction/installation.

Bacon has been sliced, bagged and frozen.

The annual District Athletics Carnival pre-catering scene.

Though I will only buy 'reduced' flowers, they last weeks and add warmth to any room.

We've had an extra this weekend, a beautiful young friend of Jessie's who has fit in so well I'm struggling to tell her apart from our own crew.

Crunchy granola sitting on the kitchen bench and being enjoyed by the handful.

Home grown ham with crusty bread.

The pre-painting prep has begun ...

meaning everything in the vicinity of this little white house now resembles a Winter Wonderland.

 And Roast Pork for this evening's dinner.

And just in case you're wondering ... Yes, we are beef producers.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Good Sports

Sporting prowess isn't a genetic trait that Matthew and I were able to pass on to our children.  What does constantly amaze me about these kids though is their enjoyment of all things active and their willingness to "have a go", regardless of competition, winnings or even what sporting event it is.

I remind these kids constantly that sporting ability is no different to singing ability, spelling ability or even model-like good looks.  It's all a genetic lucky dip that some have the good fortune to score better at than others, but which does not make any person any more important than any other.  Just different.  State of Origin football players aren't courageous, members of the Australian cricket team aren't heroes and Miley Cyrus ain't no role-model.

So I was genuinely surprised when these two brought home age-champion trophies from yesterday's district athletics carnival.  Admittedly a small affair, but we're happy to enjoy being big frogs in little ponds for the moment.

Our already small school has taken a hit recently with two larger families moving on.  Currently sitting at twenty-two, with the introduction of Year 7 to secondary school next year we'll lose two year levels at the end of this year and move down to fifteen.

Our school hosts this athletics carnival each year and therefore our P & C caters for the event.  Not a hard job and the canteen boasts the best vantage point for full oval viewing.

We've only one more week until school holidays.  Sarah has effectively finished for the term, though heads back to town next week for Year Ten Work Experience, Jessie's holidays begin Wednesday and the two littlies Friday.  Pretty much a logistical nightmare.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Fifteen years ago today, a little ray of sunshine came into our lives,

a little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.

(Now try and get that song out of your head).

With Sare back to school this morning, we enjoyed our birthday celebrations last night.  We do love a birthday in these parts.

Home grown pork ribs smothered in a tequila barbecue sauce,

followed by ice cream cake, this time based on mint ice-cream (as chosen by the birthday girl) and containing crushed Tim Tams, marshmallows, meringues and choc fudge sauce.

Who quit sugar???

A very early rise this morning to open presents.
Jess tells me she's conspiring to start a full dining room rendition of 'Happy Birthday' at dinner tonight.
It's great having a sister at boarding school with you.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Race Day

Yesterday was our annual girls get-together at the races.  A time for swapping t-boots for heels and workhats for fascinators.

Or as my dear friend Sharon likes to tell it, the annual 'girls on the turps' outing.

There were some amongst us who weren't keen on my leaving.

Some more troublesome than others.

But leave I did,

and a grand day was had by all.

Home today to assist with ham and bacon smoking and prepare for a very special girl's fifteenth birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Rag Quilt

Having been speaking regularly with our local shopkeeper about her patchworking prowess, I decided to bite the bullet and tackle a little project of my own.  That adorable baby boy pictured in an earlier post will find himself wrapped in this little number very soon.

Having never heard of a 'rag' quilt before, it was only through some googling that I decided it a nice easy beginner option (the tutorial I found here).

Of course the navy, red and white theme I'd hoped to adopt was soon forgotten when Spotlight could only offer pastels in the flannel fabric that I wanted.  The quilt consists of three layers of fabric, various patterned pieces for the top, a middle invisible layer (I used white), and the backing, which I used the bright stripe for.  Of course the back could also be done with the multiple patterns, though there will be no ruffles.

Cut strips of flannelette at various widths (following the above tutorial I chose a combination of 3, 4 and 5 inch widths).

Pieces are laid together in the three layers, backing on the bottom (wrong side up), then the white and the patterned piece on top.

Sew a line directly down the middle of each 'bundle' of fabric.

 Pieces are then laid out in the pattern you would like for your finished quilt.

And stitched together, with 1 centimetre seams facing the top.

In hindsight, the striped fabric for the back wasn't the best idea.  Next time I'd go with a plain backing.  I had also bought enough patterned fabric to make a binding around the edge of the quilt, but instead decided to stitch around the perimeter of the entire quilt one centimetre from the edge which would then be clipped and also ruffled.

Then it's simply a matter of clipping every seam.  This takes for...ever.

Then into the washing machine and drier and let the magic happen.

The lint filter on both appliances may never be the same again.  I washed a second time, but fear there may be fluff coming off that thing for decades to come.

Enjoy baby Reid.


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