Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Family Portrait

My mum requested a family photo of us as her Christmas present.  Just the incentive needed to rally the troops late one Summer's afternoon in the week leading up to Christmas.  We headed first to the yards, and with tripod erected and camera timer engaged ... it was game on.

Then back to the houseyard for a change of background.

In the effort to achieve the above two outcomes that will probably become canvases, there were some hundred and twenty others that didn't make the cut.

Matthew's enthusiasm a little too evident in this one above, Wallace channeling the Incredible Hulk.

While I've seen this style of shot work well in happy family blogs worldwide, 

of course the biggest clown in my crew

struggled to keep his temperament in check for more than several minutes.

Sal's enthusiasm waned after photo 79

and we decided to head back to the house for refreshments and perhaps a little pep-talk.

Remember ... we're doing this for Nanny.

Back at the house, with the sun falling fast, 

we dragged an old chair into position and started clicking.

The kids' insistence on Matthew and I forming a heart with our hands,

had us both giggling like kids.  Not quite our style.
I didn't realise until after the event that Wallace was wearing spurs.
Why Wallace, why?

Sarah's decision to don festive decoration didn't make the cut either.

The top two images though, I love.  
Now just to decide which one I love the most.
Opinions welcomed.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Christmas Edition

We finally received our much awaited load of M4U on Christmas Eve and were pleased to be able to put it out to hungry heifers.

Merry Christmas girls.
The rain's a'comin' 

... sometime soon.

Christmas Day we headed to town to share a beautiful day with Nan and Grandad. Two nights earlier we'd enjoyed our traditional Christmas feast of roasted suckling pig with my brother Pete and his family.

Christmas day was spent relaxing.
And enjoying lovely food.
Absolutely beautiful.

And of course there was swimming.

We came home Boxing Day and set about erecting the pool gifted to the children.

A task, which despite the heat went off without a hitch.

I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming back into the workforce today.

I don't feel I'm ready.
Perhaps we can start with half days and work our way up.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

First Week of School Holidays

... done and dusted.

In the short-hand version, there's been:



gingerbread decorating;

more snag-making, this time thick, garlic pork;

some more truffle making;
(the home-made, rustic look)

and more smoking:  bacon, sausages and chops;

Girls have been riding horses at every opportunity,

and Wallace and Sally these past couple of days really lucked out, missing out on a trip to Bottle Tree to tidy up some loose ends, instead having to stay with Nan and Grandad.  Swimming, movie-watching, fishing, boat-trips all part of their suffering, while the two big girls enjoyed mustering, branding and sweating under a 38 degree sun.

These twelve Brangus babies, resulting from an embryo program in February came through the yards to be ear-tagged.

Not all were happy about it.

We're home today to make hay.

Then we're going to enjoy Christmas and wait ever-so-patiently for the wet season to arrive.


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