Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Piscatorial Adventure

Because the end of the Barra season was looming, because the humidity was at just the right level, because the moon was in the right quarter, the big fella was actually home, and because we rarely do anything 'just for fun', one afternoon this week we collected the kids from school and a-fishing we did go.

Heading a little south, then a little further east, through more gates than I choose to recount, we made it here,

to the land of baldy faced cows and salt water creeks.

While I caught nothing and Dad only one catfish flicking lures,

 these youngsters had fun with prawn bait, hauling in one catfish after another.

and bless her long blonde plait,

Jess pulled in two king salmon which provided us with dinner and 3 fish burgers for school lunches next day.


So while the haul wasn't great, the afternoon was.  I've a feeling we'll be back.


We moved all the horses to Bottle Tree sometime last year, where the tucker's a little kinder to our old team.  Two of the old boys were brought home for Winter this year though, in need of a warm rug and a feed on cold days.  And as our usually dry Winter has become a dry Spring, they're still here, waiting for rain and green feed to shoot before returning to their mates.

These two, Black Bob and Wahoo belonging to Sarah and Sally have enjoyed plenty of special attention.

Enjoyed, endured?

Tomaeto, Tomarto.

With no horse for Jessie to wash,

we whipped a vehicle onto the lawn lickety-split.

We don't like anybody to feel left out.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Outlook Fine and Dry

Having blogged for over four years now, it's always interesting to look back and compare notes. Whether it's checking on a once created birthday cake, or searching for weather records, the blog can generally reveal all.

In 2012 I was pleased to report 2 inches of rain falling in October,

allowing a green tinge to fight its way through.

2011, though brown showed an abundance of dry feed,

not as apparent this year.

2010 showed tinges of green and tales of showers and storms.

And who could forget that annus horribilus that was 2009:

Which brings us to 2013.

Fine, dry and hot.

These Brangus heifers, awaiting flushing at the first sign of storms,

and this handful of spoilt destined-for-showing Brahmans, come racing towards you at the first sound of a vehicle, ever hopeful of a feed.  With their head in a grain trough morning and afternoon, they've little to complain about.

These little No. 3 heifers though are finding the transition from Mama and Buffel to coastal living just a bit tough.

My running track has become a little unstable underfoot,

an ankle-rolling episode just waiting to unfold.

The only green spot in the area (and thus haven to every marsupial in the central region) is the lucerne paddock.

the half we baled this past Monday night clearly evident.  Irrigation is again in full swing and hopefully we can cut this closer half in just a couple of weeks.

Monday night after dinner saw us all at the hay paddock.  The big fella checked moisture levels (and talked on the phone).  One has to wait for the dew to have come in to re-inject a little moisture back into the dried windrows of hay.

My night-time photography lacking a great deal of skill.

With Jess recovering from a nasty flu, she was relegated to the driver's seat, Wallace and Sally stacked the trailer as I threw on.

The younger kids stacking technique not as precisely honed as their older siblings.
But never mind kids ... remember ... practice makes perfect.

October 2013 weather report:  awaiting rain.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bull Sales and Birthday Weekends

As this year continues on at a relentless pace, the final school term of the year has commenced, Jessie's last at primary school.

The last weekend of holidays saw us head to town for bull sales,

harder than we'd hoped but not entirely unexpected given the current state of the industry.  With 70 percent of our state drought-declared and cattle prices depressed all year, one should be grateful to sell any.

This weekend we travelled some two hundred kilometres north west to a "mini-Olympic fun day", an opportunity to stay with some friends formally from this area and ones we don't see nearly often enough.  With our team of seven from Marlborough

 we set about competing in volleyball, tennis, cricket and t-ball, on what was a hot, dry day out.

And today I'm feeling every inch the forty-three years I'm celebrating.


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