Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sally turns Nine

I wish these days never ended too Sal.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another Chapter Closed

You know you're getting older,

or at least your children are ...

... when you convert the sandpit

into a herb garden.

I found this little Tonka car whilst preparing the garden.

I'm proud of the fact that I didn't cry.

But I think it will have to stay as a memento of the many hours spent in that sandpit by these four kids.

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Having been scraping the bottom of the deep freezer these past weeks,

we killed the fatted calf early this Sunday morning and enjoyed some of the spoils as a late Sunday breakfast.

Traditions die hard, and when Matthew first learnt to butcher working in the far north of this state some many years ago, the skirt steak was always enjoyed fresh from the kill.  And so it was today.

The skirt which is actually the muscle forming the diaphragm is easily removed of its outer membrane, cut into small pieces, floured and fried in butter.  Alongside a generous serve of onion gravy coupled with an early morning anatomy lesson for those interested, it was a beautiful start to the day.

Quartered and hung in the cold room, we will further 'break him down' later in the week.

Yet another tradition of the 'kill', the heart of the beast is given to the most deserving dog of the moment.

Of course this week there could be no more willing recipient than Ruby, daughter of Fred the Wonderdog, lover of all things water-related

and mother of these great givers of joy.

Much time was spent this Sunday afternoon enjoying all that is puppy-love.

These three girls with their grand plans of becoming Veterinary Surgeons, going into practice together and playing with puppies all their working lives.

 Keep working Dad.  Boarding school fees are just the beginning.

Friday, 16 August 2013

There's something about a warm change in the weather ...

... that makes you want to put some shorts on and show the sun your winter white legs;

(that makes you wish you'd not indulged in so many warming winter dumplings);

that allows you to change your running program from late afternoon to early morning
(something to do with too many warming winter dumplings);

that makes you want to have all the sprinklers going at once and listen to the patter of water hitting the side of the house;

and that makes pesky teenage bulls feel terribly macho, resulting in them being in a paddock of donor heifers in which they should not be.

Beautiful Spring come early ... how I love this season.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Wonderful Cycle of Seasons and Life

The seasons seem to come and go with such speed I'm left still trying to sort through kids' winter clothes as they're pulling out togs and playing under the hose.  The seasonal cycle apparent today during a quick trip to Bottle Tree.  Our resident Mama

and Papa Black Swan proudly presenting their eight ugly duckling offspring.

And these little tykes beginning to dot the landscape.

I'm prepared to make the call that Winter is over, today reaching over 30 degrees and that time of year, when if you've been remiss in starting the lawn sprinkling program, you'll feel the crunch of dry grass underfoot enroute to the clothes line.  Sheets of dust are wafting through the house every time the bike or ute passes.  Paddocks are drying off, awaiting the first early spring storms.

And along with the new signets and new calves, we've been delighted with some more new additions this week.

Our dear Ruby presenting five puppies ... four girls and one boy.

Having only cleared the dog cages last week, with three dogs going to new homes, these unplanned delights have actually been warmly welcomed.

Kids surfacing for food and sleep only.

I've again given the order to cease horse-rugging and think these white legs are about to find themselves back in shorts.
Spring has sprung.  Bring on the storms.


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