Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Good Sports

I really love the community in which we live, a community that covers a large area with a wonderful group of diverse, yet similar people.  Solid, good people, many of whom I'm proud to call my friends.

Today we came together for our annual inter-school sports carnival.

As well as a grand opportunity for the kids to jump, run, throw and catch, it's lovely to catch up with friends.  Some are mums of kids who go to school with my own, some go to other small schools in our district, mums who cook, sew, crochet, knit, milk cows, grow veges, run in fun runs, write freelance articles, ride, muster, fence and truck cattle amongst other things.  And some do all of these things AND teach their kids.  I take my hat off to them.  And thank them for their lovely company today.

I managed to miss many of the kids' events. Too busy chatting.  Busy cooking snags.  Busy having a lovely day.  This boy brought home an age champion trophy.  He was obviously busy too.

I caught up with Sal at the high jump just as she was putting her shoes back on.

And Jess just as she 'put' her last 'shot'.  Not much of a shot-putter, but a beautiful smile!

Next term we'll all come together again at one of the other small schools in the district for a T-Ball tournament.  We'll all be looking forward to that one, for both the sporting and social aspects.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Puppy Pre-School

The pups turned five months old yesterday.

Being born Christmas Day means we will always remember their age.  With permanent teeth making an appearance they're not far off working cattle, and with plans to wean in June which will mean plenty of work opportunities for them, today they were given the chance to safely work around some youngsters.  Two of the kids' show heifers and two of the milkers' calves the lucky participants.

With panels meshed in to prevent any kicks to the pups, they were put through their paces, honing their natural desire to work on the opposite side of a mob to the boss, teaching them to work both anti and clockwise to block the cattle.  These skills learnt in a safe, calm environment will stay with them for life when mustering situations aren't so calm, and cattle are larger and not so friendly.

Three of the four pups worked really well.

Buster showed absolutely no interest whatsoever.  Which is quite okay.  His maturity level a little behind his siblings (it's a boy thing) and his day will come.

On what was a glorious late Autumn morning, the crowd enjoyed the display,

before heading home for smoko.

Another wonderful weekend behind us, here's looking forward to a busy week ahead.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Instagram V Blogging

I may have previously mentioned how I'm often late to the party when it comes to trend-setting, leading the way, laying the path or setting the pace.  I tend to sit back, take it all in, mull it over, and then frequently miss the whole thing.  For example, I'm still not convinced skinny-legged coloured jeans are the answer.  And not sure if that Facebook thing's ever going to take off.

To cut a long story short, I've finally jumped aboard the Instagram train.  But in doing so, unintentionally abandoned the Blogger vehicle.  A situation I'm hoping to remedy.

This past week has seen a little entertaining,

some cricketing action

for some,

while others were busily engaged in assignment activity, six assignments, no less.

Year 9's a tough gig.

A rainy day saw some curtain fabric pulled from the cupboard.

After buying it online, I was rather disappointed when it turned up in the mail a couple of months back.  
Thus its positioning at the back of the sewing cupboard.
It's sewn up quite well though.

I won this cookbook and enjoyed flicking through it this afternoon.  
Pete's penchant for using ingredients not found in my pantry, or even perhaps my local Woolies indicate we may not agree on casual home cooking styles.

These six beautiful Brangus heifers arrived this week to be flushed.
Unfortunately they left their manners at home.
This is a rare shot of them front-on.  They've spent much of the past two days with their heads stuck in a corner of the yards.  Nice to see your faces girls.

The pups are nearly five months old.  

We've been practising a little intensive training.

Sometimes cuddling works better.

Predictions of a wet Winter for us hitting the mark.

The mandarins have coloured up nicely and are being enjoyed during afternoon chores.
My suggestion to take a basket full along to next week's sports carnival met with anguished cries.
Apparently they aren't to be shared.

My beloved milkers have been needled, ready for AI-ing.

Both Brown Swiss and Jersey semen procured.

My husband brought home a milking machine last week.
It just needs a little work.

My thoughts exactly Priscilla.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend Warriors

Me and my gang weekended at Bottle Tree.

There were bulls to be taken out ... again.  Not content with enjoying each other's masculine company over the Winter months, they wreaked havoc on fencelines and re-joined the girls.  It keeps us on our toes.

See those two pesky black bulls in amongst the grey stud cows.  Not meant to be there.
We caught up with some old cow-friends,

and contemplated weaning.

With calves nearly as big as their mamas, it's almost time.

With fences to mend, bulls to draft and one last little group of big calves to brand, we filled in the weekend.

We even found evidence of a rock slide on Mount Figtree,

pleased to have missed the actual event.

Mother's Day saw an amazing assortment of gifts and cards from my team,

This calendar from Sally explaining the extended absences each evening this past week as she locked herself in the office.

I love it.

Of course Mother's Day without two flat tyres and an extended walk may have been even better.

Special thanks to Nanny and Grandad for rescuing us.
Some weeks I'm pleased to see Monday come round.


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