Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Girl Wears Many Hats

From Cross Country champion one day,

to Best Easter Dress Up the next.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cross Country by the Sea

Perhaps it's a sign of ageing but annual events seem to be coming around far quicker than a year's gap would suggest.  Today we headed north to the "school by the sea" for our annual inter-school cross country event, not only a chance for kids to pit their endurance levels against each other, but for us Mums to enjoy a little catching up with friends.

Wallace's aerodynamic haircut as proffered by Jess just last night may not have helped him into first place,

but he seemed quite content with his red ribbon.

As one of the two sports captains at school,

the highlight of the day was definitely accepting the trophy for winning school.

The youngest of the clan tied for third with her very good friend,

while Jess,

managed an age champion award for her effort.

Tomorrow we throw aside the running shoes, and don Easter costumes for last day of term.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Easter.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Trying Times

Hitting the 'go' button on my laptop in the wee hours of this morning in an attempt to knock over some of Grandad's accounts before the arousal of the troops, I was dismayed to find a large cracked colourful disaster across my screen.   Plan B resulted in a trip to town to Computer Man, who tsk tsked and diagnosed a classic case of dropped laptop syndrome.  Who was I to disagree?

With a new screen ordered I returned home to activate an old monitor and we are again all systems go.

Unfortunately the sighting of a snake in the office has added an exciting edge to account paying not seen before.

Never fear, with feet tucked tightly under oneself on office chair and snake handling device at one's side,

the accounts will be paid.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Weekend Wrap

With oldest daughter hitting the books this past Saturday morning, Jess hit the mower

while the younger two offsided at the yards

as we preg-tested the heifers we implanted embryos in some five weeks back.

Whilst results weren't stellar, they were average.  It must be remembered that super-ovulating a donor, fertilising her many eggs, extracting them and then placing them in other heifers is a far from natural process.  So we shall be content with our fifty percent result this round.

With heifers back to paddock, we set about dropping these bundles of joy along the boundary line.

A ton of weekend fun there to be sure.

The fenceline in some of the rougher country on Rock Wallaby quickly christened by Wallace the Kokoda Fence.

Fairly plain to see why steel pickets were opted for, rather than trying to dig post holes in the rocky terrain.

With one wire run, it was then a case of standing the steelies against the line, no need for sighting, a task I don't particularly enjoy.

With a generator on board, the electric driver made fairly quick work of the job.

By comparison to them being hand driven at least.  Though the generator didn't like the ups and downs of the landscape and stopped at the mere hint of an incline or decline.  A little inconvenient in what is definitely not a flat paddock.

Smoko was possibly the highlight of the day, 

though we were surprised to find that phone coverage existed out yonder.

With the cattle market taking a little downward turn, people are eager to talk business.  Rain in the north and west much needed to alleviate the flood of cattle currently hitting the market.

As shadows grew longer, wire became sharper, steelies heavier and a mother more relieved to see the end in sight.  Bring on Easter, cow work is so much more fun.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

J & W

These two middle children of ours,

blue eyes, blonde hair,
Summer birthdays,
a love of reading
long legs.

And an ability
to push each others' buttons
until there are tears, tantrums,
punches thrown and hair pulled.

I'm hopeful maturity will iron out the creases,
strengthen the bonds and remind them just how similar they are.

In the meantime I'll continue to act as referee.

Monday, 18 March 2013

It's all Happening Too Quickly

Many years ago when Jessie was a tiny Year 1 student and we were working hard to beat her thumb-sucking habit I promised her a day to ourselves if she could stop.  Just her and me having a day alone, perhaps a town trip, a movie, some shopping.  A great treat for a five year old whose three siblings constantly vied for attention.  I would sit on her bed every night as she went to sleep, holding her left hand (the thumb she sucked) until she drifted off to sleep.  It took her less than a week to beat the habit.  But unfortunately 'our day' never eventuated.

This past Thursday, having dropped Wallace and Sally at school, Jess and I headed to town for her boarding school interview.  Despite a fire alarm seeing us spend the first ten minutes huddled together with cleaners and cooks and other boarding staff out on Agnes Street, the remainder of the process ran smoothly.  A very impressive reference from our school principal, a great report card and an older sister who's already making her mark at the school all helping.  When asked if she has any special talents though, she was a little coy.  No mention of her robot dance moves, ability to sing Helen Reddy's Delta Dawn and I Am Woman at great volume with minimal melody or her very special talent of transforming her brother from sensitive boy to the Incredible Hulk with a few quiet jibes.

After her interview, we lunched, shopped and made it home in time to collect Wallace and Sally from school.
It wasn't until much later in the day as we came out of a Spotlight store, I held her hand and said "Guess what, we're finally having our day".  And so it was.

I'm again feeling the unsettling that comes with sending them off to school.  Though Sarah has excelled, I can't deny I'm envious of all those who have their children home through these high school years.  Next year there will be only two lunches to cut, and then the following year just one.  Our state government's new education policy meaning I miss another year of my boy's life, as he heads off to boarding school for year seven.

Like pages blowing from a book in the wind, I feel they're all flying away from me.

Someone pass the tissues ... and that stiff drink.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hay, Hay It's Saturday

A Friday morning spent doing this:

means a Friday afternoon spent watching these:

Thankfully no rain resulted and plans to bale Friday night went ahead.  A baler breakdown during the evening did elevate blood pressure and meant an earlier halt to proceedings than would have been liked.  The light of day Saturday morning saw repairs actioned and all systems go.

The sight of so many bales almost too much to bear for some.

Though the early morning sausage on bread for breakfast must have kicked in, and he was soon displaying far more energy than sense.

With the full team in action we were soon in the rhythm of stacking, hauling, unloading and re-stacking until the hay shed's now looking decidedly satisfied.

Kids took turns stacking and driving,

some jerky starts and less than smooth stops giving those on the back reason to question the capability of the driver.

Sal had a full time job keeping the water bottle topped up between loads.

And come the end of the day we were all mightily pleased to see this sight:

One hay paddock less six hundred square bales.


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