Thursday, 31 January 2013


And so now the year proper begins.

Kids, big and small back to school.
Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.
Be prepared NAPLAN.

The three youngsters off to primary school Tuesday allowing Sarah and I one last day at home together to pack, prepare and possibly shed a few tears.  We collected the others at 3 and all headed to town.  Excited by new subject choices, new timetables, a new laptop to collect and rowing and netball to sign up for, the beginning of this new school year should be far less anxious than last year.

We spent a sweltering, hot Monday afternoon water-side, enjoying one of the freshly filled dams.

Heifers came out of the hills to investigate.

I think their concern primarily aimed at their multi-purpose lick trough.

Never mind girls, it'll be Winter soon enough, lick will be re-dispensed.


Sally hit Wallace in the mouth with an oar.
Tears were shed.
Blood was spilt.
Harsh words were spoken.
It isn't all picture-perfect here people.

With roads closed in all directions, wet weather allowed the big fella a little shed time.
While I may have thought the hay-baler was being serviced, 
this instead has appeared:

The "Holy Smokes Mark 11"

As I type, it's still doing its thing out there with more hams and bacon.

Come hell or high water, we won't starve.

Unlike some in Rockhampton.
Woolworths' and Coles' shelves still depleted due to southern highway closures.
A story this morning of one woman picking up the last dozen loaves of bread at one local Woolies.
Upon reaching the checkout it was explained to her there was a 2 loaf per customer limit.
She promptly dropped ten loaves to the floor and stood on them.

In the words of my father,
the more people I meet, the more I like my dog.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Red, White & Blue

Never the trendsetter, always the late follower, I've only recently heard of pillowcase dresses.  With my girls nearly outgrowing this simple style of dress, I thought I could still convince Sal to enjoy one though.  With wet weather the best excuse in the world to drag the sewing machine out to the dining room table we whipped up this little number in no time at all.

In hindsight I wish I'd plaited both straps, but she likes the bow.  Probably another one to be worn once and passed along, I did enjoy making it though.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ask and you shall Receive

Without fanfare, brass bands or marching girls, the rain arrived.

Unheralded.  I woke the child sharing my bed in Dad's absence and whispered, "Listen.  It's here".  31 mm had fallen by morning, the radar showing the huge mass still to our north and slowly but surely coming our way.  Matthew rang hourly for reports, 112 mm clocked by day end.

Uncannily, another 112 overnight.  And another 107 since.  A total of 331 mm, or just over 13 inches.

Absolutely beautiful.  As at last night 15 inches had fallen at Bottle Tree, possibly another couple since.  We look forward to getting up there to see running creeks and bywashing dams.  A bridge washout will have us stay away for at least a few days.

Kids were quick to set out exploring gullies, keen to stretch their legs and investigate waterways.

And just as the rain arrived, so did a new little visitor.

Orphaned at birth, friends brought her over to be raised on one of our over-producing milkers.

Kept warm and dry in the vet shed Miss Daisy Blossom has been the perfect guest.

A more adorable, loving little girl you'd never wish to meet, new sister for Delta Dawn and foster daughter for the beautiful Olivia.

And so as it's rained, bookwork has been completed, the dining table re-finished and the sewing machine pulled out  ... with dressmaking complete, now time for some more name-tagging as we ready ourselves for the new school year.

And of course, as we celebrate the anniversary of the settlement of this great land,

Wallace threw together a most Australian smoko for us ... Happy Australia Day.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We don't want the Monsoon ...

... we want the mon-NOW.

Verandah with a View

After what was a rather hectic town-day yesterday involving the procurement of protractors, coloured pencils, new school shoes times three, a laptop bag for a high school student, another electric sander for Mum,a lunch-date with Nanny and a visit to the accountant, it was nice to be home to enjoy the view of the sun setting from the verandah.  We even enjoyed dinner out there, something we don't do often enough.

With less than a week left of our Summer holidays, we're savouring every moment.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Amy, Bronze, Buster, Toby, Biddy, Max & Fat Ella

These little bundles of joy will be four weeks old tomorrow.  Born on Christmas Day they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Three little boys and three little girls.
Better than any Nerf Gun.

Biddy is going to have one blue eye and one brown.
She's one of the keepers.
At this stage anyway.

This is Buster.  He thinks he's a wild animal.

Toby, Bronze and Max.
Bronze will also be staying.

Max is Sarah's favourite.  She's been doing some serious talking with Dad about his future.
I don't like her chances.

Amy was the runt of the litter, though she's not far behind her mates now.

And in other dog news, Wallace and Sally have taken it upon themselves to whip my Rotweiller Ella into shape.  Admittedly the poor old girl's carrying a little excess condition.

Apparently, the hardest part of the trip was pulling her out of a water trough midway.

I know how you feel darlin'.


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