Friday, 23 November 2012

Marshmallow Slice

So popular first go-round, we tried it again ...

We're not scared of artificial colours.
With some weetbix in the base for added crunch and a marshmallow topping comprising of only sugar, water and gelatine, it's a bit of a crowd pleaser, (even if not ticking all the nutritional and health requirement boxes).  Let me know if you want the recipe ... or if you happen to have a copy of the Charters Towers Distance Ed recipe book, you'll already have it.


  1. Love both versions.
    I havent made marshmallow before- do you use your Kitchen Aid to make it?

  2. I do already have the book, my mum makes this...although sadly gelatine and I have never gotten on. I don't know what I am doing wrong....

  3. Have the cookbook but have never made now inspired by the photographic evidence ;) Will show the kids tonight. We might have both a pink and blue version...

  4. Would love the recipe!!! It looks very yummy, especially for hungry kids in need of a little treat now and again. Thankyou so much. x

  5. Yes, please - would love the recipe - it looks just the thing to brighten up a grey dreary day.

  6. Are you kidding? Absolutely yes! This will make some happy week- end kitchen hands!

  7. I've never made marshmallow before, I always thought it was super tricky - looks good though and I can imagine how popular it would be!
    Loved your last post Fiona - boys and their lists hey - as if you were ever in doubt of what was on his agenda?!

  8. My mum used to always make this! Yummy

  9. I haven't seen these in ages! I love the blue looks like a good one to take to end of year Christmas parties..children friendly.

  10. I would love the recipe, do you just need an email address?

    1. The recipe is in just the next blog post from this one (dated 24/11/12). Let me know if you have any problems finding it. Enjoy.



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