Saturday, 25 August 2012

Just Add Sprinkles

If I'd anticipated the level of interest in the Rainbow Cake, I'd have perhaps put a little more effort into the icing.

Unfortunately (or not), it was iced and back in the cold room before I started reading the comments on my last post.  But of course 'tis not the icing that doth maketh the rainbow cake.

And this special eight year old lass had no idea what lay within this exceptionally tall cake.

Oh my.

What's not to love.
Full credit to one of my favourite bloggers for her detailed instructions.

Sally is so very lucky to have her Grandi up visiting for her birthday.  Armed with treats she arrived off the train last night, after youngsters here have been counting sleeps for many days.

I've been trying to recall memories today of being eight.

I can't really.

And hopefully that means Sally will have memories of Rainbow Cake,

a beige cockatiel named Charlie,

a set of timber cattle yards, and a visit from Grandi.

And not the fact that Mum and Dad spent most of the day at the yards needling heifers for Botulism and Lepto.

Late afternoon in decidedly Spring conditions was spent trampolining

under the watchful eye of Mama Pig.

Fred meanwhile,

found the whole day rather exhausting.

Stay tuned tomorrow for tales of the greatest taste sensation to pass our lips since smoko's Rainbow Cake ...

Dessert's Hokey Pokey Miniature Cheesecakes.
Oh my.
The creamy decadence of cheesecake, combined with the fresh crunch of honeycomb and soft chewiness of caramel.
Keep running Mama, keep running.


  1. I like the simple icing ... when the cake is cut it looks really effective. And yes I am sure she will remember the best parts, the fun stuff ... gee when I think about it I can't remember being 8 either. I know what kind of things I did but actually remember something from exactly then nope no idea.

  2. Just sensational, Fiona! Lucky Sal. Happy birthday, sweet girl. And Meredy's recipe is the best, isn't it? Now, I'm off to pin your cake ☺. J x

  3. Awesome! The fact that you whipped it up between needling heifers for various conditions, just shows what a fab mum you are! And I love how Sally matched her rainbow cake for the day!

    Best wishes for a lovely Year of Eight, Sally. x

  4. It looks sensational Fiona....Happy Birthday Sally!

  5. That cake is almost as amazing as that sally is EIGHT now

  6. Awesome cake, Mama Pig looks like she's calling for a piece! Happy Birthday Sal. Mare

  7. There's nothing wrong with your icing. I think it suits the cake totally.

    Was it difficult to do? Yours looks perfect. Did you need lots of cake pans? That's what put me off giving it go.

    Happy Birthday, Sally! We love your horse yards. xo

  8. I think the icing is great, and wow that rainbow cake is perfect- so neat and straight.
    And those timber cattle yards are bound to get heaps of play.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS>. Divine Fiona. The cake and the day. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. x

  10. I am struggling with the thought that #2 will be eight tomorrow as well (she didn't like my thought that she should stay at six forever!) and even more so that my baby boy will be SIX in two weeks as well!

    thank you for the cake inspiration, I had the thought at the clothes line this morning that I may employ some hundreds and thousands, but pray tell, how did you get the sprinkes on the SIDE of the cake? is there some trick that this dodgy cake maker knows not, as my success in side sprinkles so far has been very poor! And also armed with a packet of smarties (I remembered in the knick of time at woolies the other day). Am off to start baking now actually, wish me luck!

    and last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!

    (and I can't remember being eight either. Can't remember what I did last week most times, so am not surprised)

  11. check out the gates on those yards!!! how fiddly, did a grandfather make this one or someone else with much time on their hands. Husband made one here for boy last christmas, and lets say the finer details were very much simplified! Gates were a bit of mesh, and not unlike some other yards I know fairly well, have issues with balance when hung!

  12. That is a cake worth remembering. I'd make sure Sally sees photos of it regularly, so she never forgets it! I am most impressed by the cattle yards, they are a big improvement on what we see around here. Hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself.

  13. Happy Birthday Sal!

    Well done Fiona - how did you get your icing so think? It looks like a really stiff batch, mine probably had too much butter in it!

    Giggling at Sharon's first comment about the sprinkles on the side ... I have visions of you chucking them all over the place!

  14. The trick to a good rainbow cake is just getting the layers straight, no?
    I cheated with mine back in January and slathered it in whipped cream because it is so darn easy to schmear on and the boy loves his cream and strawberries.
    I'd say there's a very good chance she'll remember eight with great fondness! x

  15. Love the cake! Gorgeous.

  16. Now I'm not sure if I should show my kids this cake or not! Will be sure to lead to a request as the next birthday comes around..
    But I will have to show Adelaide the yards...
    Happy 8th Birthday Sally!

  17. That cake is awesome!!! Is there an age limit do you think? I might put my order in for my birthday - though I doubt anyone but me will be making my own cake lol
    Happy Birthday Sally!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Sally. Hope the cake was a big success :0)

  19. Fantastic cake! I have no idea what I should remember from being 8 and back then there weren't the cameras documenting/photographing every breath and movement! Our kids have the benefit of having their memories jogged by browsing photos and of course our blogs!

  20. Holy MOLY - that cake ROCKS! Lucky Sally.
    PS Love your pelican reflection shot too!

  21. The cake is amazing - I had a feeling it was for your 8 yr old. Love that Sally got a bird too. My 8 yr old also got a bird for her birthday the other week. It's such a great age. Hope yours has a great year! Mel x

  22. Happy birthday Sal. Gee wasn't 2004 a great year for producing pretty girls! Mim is missing the same tooth as Sally, but on the other side - are they the eye teeth?



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