Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cattle, Kids & Chaotic Climatic Conditions

On what was generally a wet, cold and somewhat miserable start to the school holidays, the older girls and I headed to town to camp at a 'Junior' beef event.

Because camping with kids and cows in less than perfect climatic conditions sounds like great holiday entertainment in anybody's mind.
Fortunately for all involved, the showground facilities allowed most of the activities, as well as the camping to be conducted undercover and a great time was had by all.

Kids of all ages were stepped through many facets of the beef industry, appraising both stud and commercial cattle, as well as leading and showing cattle.

This was our first visit, the event itself having been conducted for over twenty years.

A terrific opportunity for like-minded youngsters to come together for an informative, educational and entertaining three days focused on the industry we love.

The girls came home more excited and inspired than ever, already talking of which cattle would be suitable to take next year.

As well as some serious learning time, there was also some light-hearted entertainment.

One such night-time event a Masterchef barbecue cook-off.

With a visit from a celebrity Masterchef judge!

The week concluded with a Presentation Dinner, where two newbies came home with a little loot.

And thankfully the sun is now shining.

Last job, to remove nose-rings and bush cattle.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Comfort Food

What could be better on a cold, drizzly, Wintry day than a tray of

warm Cinnamon rolls, slathered in coffee icing?

Why, two trays of course.

Friday, 22 June 2012


I'm not sure whether State of Origin fever has caused it, but there's been a whole lot of footballing going on around here.  Late afternoons when the jobs are done, dogs and pigs and chooks and weaners and bulls fed, milkers' calves put away, scraps emptied and eggs collected, footballs are gathered and we head to the front lawn.

The golden rays of a Winter sun low in the western sky, the ever-so-slight chill of a tropical Winter evening in the air, all add to the enjoyment.

Knee-high socks seem mandatory,

though why, we're not quite sure.

Teenage girls may or may not play.  Depending on fancy.

Boy children, in desperate need of hair-trimming, 

must play.

Pretty, blonde Hawaiian-dancing girls with Straight A report cards do as they please.

While the boy-child shows that Western dance isn't his only field.  New age modern vogue also part of his repertoire.
And perhaps when the clippers come out, we'll give the background shrubbery a short-back and sides as well.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I wanna take You

Today we headed into school for a little dancing performance by our children.
As part of this term's curriculum, students had to choose music, choreograph a dance, film the performance, edit the film and present it to their classmates.  Today we were fortunate to see a live performance.

Jess and her two team mates chose Kokomo by The Beach Boys.

What's not to love.

Who isn't instantly transported back to 1988 and Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail'.

Jess had no idea what I was talking about.

Wallace on the other hand,

really stepped out of his comfort zone,

with John Denver's 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'.

A far easier dress-up.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

This Week ...

There's been a little cleaning action:
Little kids' cupboard before:

And after:

Yet another clean up of the bookshelf

meant another tearful Old Pig experience.

I was never able to read this to any of my kids.

They console me, telling me it's only a pig.

Don't be sad little Pig.  You're not "only" a pig to me.
This teenager has already started holidays,

counting sleeps until the others join her, though possibly feeling a little smug at school drop-off.
There've been some sleep-overs.

These two little ones, 

friends since birth enjoying a little late afternoon companionship.
Golden afternoons just perfect for a little frolicking.

These little tykes not far off weaning.

Blissfully unaware of the story of Old Pig.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

No 'Mother of the Year Award' this Year

Someone in this household turned thirteen this weekend.

Which meant there was cake.

Chocolate Cherry Fudge Cake.

And a beautiful teenage girl.

Who spent the day fishing on Grandad's boat with her sisters, brother, Dad, Nan and Grandad
... while Mum

headed to the races.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

The girls in this household have discovered the delights of braiding their hair into as many plaits as they can find hairbands for, leaving it in as long as possible, and then unravelling to reveal the following:

So cool!

And they think they've discovered something new!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Rocky Show

We called into the Show Saturday morning to watch the Brahman judging before heading to Bottle Tree and Chabo to yard and draft bulls before a bull-buyer visited Sunday.

It's that time of year when bulls come home to go on feed in preparation for Spring sales.

Wintry Skies and Weaners

Friday was our show holiday.  Which meant a full work-force present and accounted for.

Dad still had a sale to attend and we had weaners to come through the yards one last time on the way through to their new paddock.

With three kids in the back of the ute, Sarah directing dogs and Jessie shooting photographs from the passenger's seat,

it wasn't long before we had them yarded.

Ruby, who was meant to have puppies last week but didn't, worked in unison with her brother Steel

to bring these babies home.

And earned themselves some special attention

on the verandah during smoko.


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