Wednesday, 29 February 2012


While some may look at this image and see two loving sisters, each missing the other dreadfully during these early boarding school days.

All I see is the challenge ahead removing knots from that Rapunzel-like mane of hair. 
Why is it that the child with the longest hair also has the most sensitive scalp?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Day After the Night Before

Saturday mornings that start with an alarm blaring at 4 am would be best not preceeded by the annual school meet'n'greet and a post midnight bedtime.  A quick executive discussion at alarm time determined that the children would be best left sleeping another hour.  Keeping in mind ... we're all about the kids.

The plus side of the two and a half hour early trip to Bottle Tree

is passing the golden arches.

Horses were run

and given a thorough inspection after what seemed a long break since last saddle up.

Wal looking exactly as I felt, though at least I had the sense to don appropriate riding apparel.  Fortunately jeans had been packed for both he and Sal, also resplendant in beach attire.  Who's to argue with a barely awake child pre-dawn.

Sarah's day started better than it ended

with her old bronc obviously feeling the affects of a recent inch of rain and flush of green feed.  Dropping his head and fully 'putting it to her', Sarah rather unceremoniously was planted in the dirt.  Unenthusiastically re-mounting, the silent tears that continued to flow for the next half hour resulted in Mum and Sarah undertaking a mid-paddock steed-swap.

I now have serious doubts of ever re-claiming my beloved Black Bob.

Although Wallace didn't remember his strides, he did bring a gun.  Priorities.

Another load gone to the meatworks.  Very little rain to report, 24 mm at Rock Wallaby for the week, 37 at Bottle Tree.  We'll try not to let it worry us yet.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Nothing Screams ...

"Lookout kids, Mummy's on another health-kick"

like a pan of Chicken Stir-Fry.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Kodak Moment

Despite the fact that I take hundreds of photographs every month, and have CDs, DVDs, USBs and external hard drives overflowing with these reminders of my everyday family life, when Sally needed a family photo to take to school this past week, there was nought to be found.  In fact the last image of the six of us was taken in April 09.

So this afternoon, after much pleading from Sally, the tripod was found, the camera and manual unearthed, and the troops gathered.

No changing into good clothes, no make-up, hair or attempts to hide Sally's latest go-karting gravel rash.
Just as. 
As is.
Take it or leave it.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Isolated Showers Elsewhere

Until this weekend just past, only 28mm of rain had been recorded on the Bottle Tree rainfall chart since December 1.

And so it was with great excitement, Jess measured another 33 on Saturday when we arrived.  Returning Sunday, we poured another 11 out.

The onlookers were most excited.

Even those having a bad hair day.

This old doll apparently didn't get the memo that there hasn't been much rain,

holding plenty of condition still.

Now be honest, does my butt look big in this?

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Weekend Wrap

I can see that weekends are going to forever more be the highlight of my weeks.  The calendar of my life being a countdown of sleeps until all my kids are together again.

After spending Saturday at Bottle Tree gathering some fat cows for the meatworks, and tagging bulls with fly tags, these goons still had far too much energy upon arriving home.

Sal, obviously benefitting from the two hour nap on the long drive home.

These girls have had the dogs hitting the end of their chains,

in preparation for this year's local show

and whipcracking contest.

No chance of relaxing pre-dinner drinks around here. 

Jess farewelled her beloved George.  He and two of his mates trucked away for the next couple of months, to be shown by the ag kids at Sarah's school.

Hopefully a perfect partnership, with young students benefitting from the opportunity to prepare and show cattle, and us having a presence at some of our local agricultural shows without the level of commitment required to be there ourselves.

This week and next are short weeks for our big girl.  This coming weekend a four-dayer. 
So you know what that means.
Only three more sleeps.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Legs Eleven

It has been said that second-born children are usually the "people" people, the outgoing ones, the compromisers and the flexible ones. 

In our case I can wholeheartedly agree with the first two descriptions, the compromising and flexibility not quite so much.

But I guess that's what makes this eleven year old so unique.  She doesn't quite fit any of the molds.

Her eleven year life highlight thus far is collecting the school newsletter, the task usually assigned to the oldest sibling, which she now is at our little school.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


We've enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Together again after Sarah's first two weeks at boarding school.  And while I don't want to make too much of it, as many others endure far greater tests, it's been a challenge for us all to adapt to our new 'normal'.  We've missed her terribly, as she's missed us, and I'm hopeful and certain as we fall into our new routine, it will all become easier.

I will forever cherish the smile on Sarah's face as she walked into the kitchen Friday night after being picked up in town by Dad.

The other kids raced to the shed to greet her, and the calamity of everybody talking at once carried on into the night.

She has certainly been missed.

Dad left early Saturday morning for Charters Towers, we spent the morning mowing and trying to get the whipper-snipper started.  A more confounded piece of machinery there has never been.  Another snake sighting as I mowed confirmed the need for keeping the grass down.

We then hit the local pool.

before coming home for a dinner of pizza

made on my new pizza stone (thankyou), and a dessert of profiteroles.

I can see Saturdays fast becoming my favourite day of the week.


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