Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Chocolate Cake & Other Delights

In my opinion, chocolate cake is as much about childhood as skinned knees, loose teeth and hide'n'seek. And can be used to cure most ills, from gravel rash to chicken pox and many in between. I grew up with our beloved Chocolate Heather Cake, and now my children are too. A simple all-in-together recipe that never fails. And it's only in recent times that I've found out that 'Heather' isn't a particular type of cake, but in fact the name of the lady who long ago shared the recipe with my Mum. Fancy!

Due to time constraints I wasn't able to whip up something from the Cake Book today, but remembered this little delight as shared by Niki several months ago.

So, with the good ole Heather Cake as the base, away we went. Baked in a new extra deep sided round cake tin, as opposed to the square tin I use every other time, allowing for far easier slicing and lunch-box stuffing, the resulting round cake was split into three layers. I didn't bother flattening the top, as I knew it would be covered.

Re-gluing the cake together with chocolate butter cream, the complete cake was then smothered in more of the same.

And most wonderful about this cake, it just doesn't matter how slap-happy you are with the icing, because nobody's going to see it.

It's taken me many years to work out that icing the cake off the serving plate makes presentation so much easier. Thank the Lord for MasterChef.

Standing in the confectionery aisle at Woolies earlier in the week, I couldn't for the life of me remember what Niki's cake had plastered around the sides of it, I just knew they were chocolatey and biscuity. Have a break. I opted for these chocolatey biscuity wafers, which I think worked quite well, but not as consistently uniform as the Kit-Kats would have been.

Not to worry, when things look a little rough, we simply say it's the rustic look don't we?

Then it's much like brick-laying, vertically.

Next, much like a corset to hold a girl together add a ribbon around the girth.

And start placing the M&M's one at a time on top of the cake. The positioning is critical. This way no little m's will be showing. After the first three you'll realise I'm joking and empty the entire packet on top. Too easy. So what if the odd little 'm' is showing. It's short for magical.

And there you have it. But just when you thought you couldn't get any more colour and chocolate in one cake, a nice collar of smarties just to finish off.

Add some colourful candles...

...and one six year old birthday girl

...and you're ready to par-tay.

By far the easiest, and possibly most colourful birthday cake I've yet created.
Thank you Niki for the inspiration.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love this cake, it looks fantastic. I think I'll make one (or three) when G's family descends at Christmas time. It will be a huge hit with the kids. Well done.

  2. Love.This.Cake! How completely wonderful. I'm definitely going to bookmark this one for the next birthday. Great photos too! Happy 6th Birthday! Meredy xo.
    p.s. I think we have the same kitchen chairs - we've obviously both got impeccable taste!

  3. Your Mother love is the REAL magic in this cake

  4. You do a fine Carrot Cake as well.

  5. We'll possibly be at Nanny and Grandad's place for Benny's birthday. Might have to have one of them there cakes. It looks fantastic. I have a icecream cake that is very similar except it's just a 4 ltr icecream upside down. It's good and easy too.
    Dinah x

  6. YUM.... how sugary does that look?! I bet it didn't cause one bit of hyper children now did it?! :)

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me today. Hope to see you back soon!

  7. hi, could you post the recipe for the cake? my three boys say i dont do chocolate cakes well. The youngest wants chocolate mousse for his next birthday!. I am going to try Nigella Lawson's chocolate birthday cake from her "How to eat " cook book and see how it goes. They like her chocolate muffins from Nigella's "feast" cookbook.This cake has condensed milk in it, so it cant go wrong. If its a keeper I'll email you the recipe.Thanks Catherine



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