Wednesday, 30 June 2010


School Holidays....

My favourite weeks of the year.

No packed lunches, no lost library books and no school bus waiting at the gate.
Saturday saw the kids and I preg-testing 80 k down the road, Sunday a little mowing, a little tidying, a little washing, then off to town Monday for a holiday sleep-over.

And so now, with holiday haircuts behind us, a particularly high number of in-car incidents, some shopping, and two girls left behind in town for spoiling, we're now looking forward to saddling up for some weaning, and also re-uniting with Mama Pig who has been away visiting her boar-friend, but returned home whilst we were in town.

Wallace and Sally are revelling in being part of a two-child family. I've always believed the nicest thing you can do for a mother is take away one of her children for a break. Whether you're a mother of two, three, four or more, removal of any one of the little tykes seems to be an instant holiday. Take two, and lordy I'm lying back in a deckchair on a secluded beach in Mauritius.

Except for the smell of pigs, the bellowing of cows and the yelping of dogs.
A lot like Mauritius.

Life's Good.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Tucker Time

Kids in the bush learn pretty early on, that they're not the centre of the universe. They learn that their wants and needs will always come after our animals. As the temperatures start to fall in these parts, these old snoozers wait by the front fence every evening for a dipper of feed and a warm rug.
. Regardless of weather, these squealers seem to believe they're always starving.

They particularly enjoy warm corn, fresh out of the copper.

And if Sal could ever open this darn chookhouse door, she'd give them some too.
Help someone!
But possibly worst job of all, goes to the oldest of course.

Lucky she loves her dogs so much.

And tomorrow they'll do it all again, but at least they won't be in uniform.
School holidays have started!!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Brown Eyed Girl...

We've always been mesmerised by the dark chocolate eyes of our youngest daughter. This past week though, we've been haunted by the great bruised black rings of pain reminding us of a particularly nasty full-frontal into a hitching rail last weekend.

When Tammy's lead slipped from her grasp and Sal fled in hot pursuit, unfortunately the floppy brim of her work hat fell over her eyes, obscuring her view of the rail looming at eye-height. The outcome was all but pretty. A huge protrusion, blood, tears and a great need for "Maaaahhhhhmmmyyyy!!!" followed. Some tissues, ice and lots of cuddling were of great help.

And she's enjoyed the great myriad of colours that greet her in the bathroom mirror every morning since. We're now down to the last yellows, having been through the purples, blues and greens along the way.

Tammy, is still on 'good behaviour'.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Birthday Girl

In what seems to be an attempt to sabotage my already frazzled mental health, my children continue to have birthdays... an alarming rate.

This beautiful capable young girl turned eleven today.

Our firstborn.

She's a complex child.
Yet rather self-doubting.

She is the first child I will ask to do a job knowing there will be no whining, no complaint, just a completed task.

She has a natural affinity with animals. And after a weekend spent with her father at a dog-training school, she is now even more driven. Her pup Ruby has all the makings of a great working dog, and Sarah and her are quite a team.

Eleven years ago, as I sat in a hospital bed and marvelled at the ruby-lipped princess in my arms, I could not have wished for more. Could not have wished for a greater journey, a greater teacher than this first-born, this Sarah.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Can We Fix It ???

Yes we can!!!

On a day that can at best be described as a turd of a day (all puns intended) we faced some particularly nasty obstacles. While others are fortunate to have their cups runneth over...the only cup in our life running over was the toilet. With Matthew still cutting hay, mummy rolled up her sleeves, pulled her jeans to a suitable plumber-hipster angle, and proceeded to find the blockage.

A suitably mortified bunch of onlookers (today is our local show holiday), oohed and aahed, grimaced and groaned, as the job proceeded. And it wasn't pretty. Unable to be cleared from the 'toilet-end' we set about taking the lid off the septic. More oohs and aahs! The blockage was cleared and we're now flushing freely.

With Matthew just receiving a call to Rolleston tomorrow, the better part of my day will be spent raking hay! So much for house-cleaning.... Damn!!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Action Aplenty!

Amidst some campdrafting, some showing, some judging, working, calf-tagging, weaning and a town-trip thrown in, the past seven days all too quickly moulded into a week.

The kids partook in their first campdraft last weekend....and had a ball!

Yesterday saw them compete in their first 'junior parading' competition at a nearby show, Jessie even bringing home the 'third-place' prizemoney. Matthew and I were in attendance judging, Matthew, the fat cattle section, me the Brahmans. A good day had by all. Sarah even managed a prize for 'best dressed child' at the show! (I was quick to point out it was my advice that helped her over the line).

With so many weekend engagements, we are getting a little frustrated at the lack of activity at home. Thankfully my three day a week appointment at school will come to an end in three weeks when school holidays commence. While I've so enjoyed the opportunity to get a closer look at the kids' education, I'll be glad to pull my t-boots back on, and get some real work done around here.

And while the children had taken to standing in front of both the pantry and the fridge reciting Old Mother Hubbard, I squeezed in a town trip also through the week. Came home with a new hair-do and more food than one family could possibly eat, according to the young girl on the checkout! With a new cookbook also arriving in the mail, we've been enjoying some new taste sensations, with fried chicken (far, far tastier than the KFC variety according to my fans, I mean kids), braised lamb shanks also a winner and last night's brandy sauce smothering rump steak (usually enjoyed unadorned) leaving us moaning in delight. Unfortunately, I believe the waistband on my jeans is shrinking. Must be that confounded washing machine!

And so today, the day of rest, I am doing battle with the overflowing laundry pile, re-locating these little tykes from my laundry,

AI'ing some sale heifers, planting some bare-rooted agapanthus (also arrived in the mail - how I love receiving mail) and the girls got in a paddock where some weaners have escaped back to their mamas. With Wallace in bed with a raging temperature and head-ache (further enhanced by the addition of a Y-chromosome) and the boss readying the mower to cut the hay paddock, it was all girls on deck in the mustering team.

No time for blogging really.


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