Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Who Needs a Dishwasher?

So the roster has had to be adjusted to include washing up duties.

I'm a little concerned these photos were taken as some form of proof in a 'child-slavery' hearing I'm yet to be informed of.

In the meantime, all complaints can be taken up with Sal!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You're Soaking in It

Life as I know it has ended ... my dishwasher washes dishes no more.

Sally's fault.

She knows one must not stand on the open door. Particularly when the lower tray is extended, awaiting its fill of dirty pots and pans. Unfortunately the point of balance was passed, and dishes, cutlery, the dishwasher, the microwave (residing on top of the dishwasher), and bowls full of paraphernalia (residing on top of the microwave) all came crashing to the floor.

The impact was such that the little buttons along the front of the dishwasher are now forever more depressed.

As am I.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lest we Forget

At three-thirty this morning, four sleepy children donned their school uniforms, pinned on their replica 'peace medalettes', tucked a poppy in their button hole and headed for the car.

With Old Nev visiting for this special occasion, we all headed into our small country town and took part in the march and dawn service, followed by a barbecue breakfast and a good dose of community spirit in the town park.

Whilst we remembered those who did not return and paid tribute to those men and women currently away from home, we also silently expressed gratitude for the return of men such as this, who fought to defend our country, and lived to be much-loved grandfathers.

We salute you old Nev and give thanks.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Fiona & Julia...

...just doesn't work does it.

Having just seen the movie, I, like probably every other viewer of 'Julie & Julia' before me, am just itching to get my hands into these recipes. To bedazzle my family with my mastery of the french cuisine, beguile my dinner guests with something other than steak and potato-bake. Something more than my ho-hum cheesecake for dessert.

Julia Child was 37 when she began her journey into the world of culinary creations. A passion found at that age inspires me to think that maybe regardless of age, our calling will eventually catch up with us.

Please find me my calling.... I am waiting, waiting.

Bon Apetit!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

There's No Business like Show Business

I've certainly been a very slack blogger of late haven't I.
Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Our local Agricultural Show was held last Saturday amidst a flurry of show bags, hot donuts, fashion parades, led cattle, shiny prancing horses, schoolwork, jumping dogs, freshly-baked cakes and slices, and ending with a magnificent display of fireworks.

Unfortunately I didn't get more photos.

We did get showbags, capguns, sticky hands, too much softdrink, schoolwork prizes, dog-jumping prizes, and a junior steward award.

We also got very tired!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

School Holidays

...can only mean one thing.

Saddling up and heading off to work.

We spent Easter at Chabo and finally got our cows in and away without a bog. Still some very wet spots on the road however.
The view from the back verandah showed beautiful green grass and tall skies.

We have embryo calves falling at the moment. A little late and out of season, but these will be the last until Spring. And with grass plentiful, they'll enjoy a lovely start to life. Our first young babe caused his mother a very upleasant birthing experience. No reaching for the gas mask in the bovine birthing suite. She experienced a particularly nasty uterine prolapse which Matthew successfully "re-inserted". Nothing like hanging your uterus out to air! (No photos necessary).

Stitches were removed this evening and all looks well. With a slap on the rump she was wished well and advised to refrain from sneezing.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

He Got us Again!


Hushed voices, "There's a dingo out the front".

Excited whispers.

Four sneaky kids (and maybe a mum too), following Dad with rifle underarm, quietly to the verandah.

Raised it to his shoulder, as kids peered all around him for first glimpse of the pesky vermin.

"April Fools" he bellowed, as he spun around.

He gets us every year.


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