Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Meals on Wheels
Ain't no river wide enough....
Seems the bond between mother and offspring is indeed strong, stronger at least than many of our fences, as every morning we're greeted at the yards by yet another contingent of mama cows anxious to be reunited with their weaners.
Has given the kids yet another excuse to saddle up. So after today's round of fence and gate patching, I'm confident the morning will bring happier results.

Monday, 29 June 2009



Only a couple of days into the holidays and already we've achieved great things.

Sally, the littlest helper has learnt to canter, and promptly forgotten there are any other speeds to travel at.

Sarah, the firstborn has learnt to not only catch her own horse, but also saddle it. You've no idea the level of joy this brings. Much like the first time she opened a gate. Or fed the dogs on her own. Or put the chooks away. Or made us a cup of coffee. I'm thinking if you're able to saddle your own horse, then doing your own washing shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

So all the cracks had gathered to the fray

Bay, Grey, Bay, Grey
After recent viewings of both "The Man from Snowy River" and "Australia", we were fortunate to have Clancy, The Drover, Mrs Boss and The Man himself along for the day's muster.
Thankfully Fred the wonderdog kept his own persona, and was probably the most reliable offsider.
So at the end of the day, we had one paddock preg-tested and a yardful of bawling weaners for the kids to educate over the holidays.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Good Sports

Aspiring musicians, avid readers, creative chefs, budding gymnasts, wannabe cowboys, pushbike riders, healthy, happy individuals....

But athletes........we are not.

Genetically they've never had much chance. But great sports who love to be involved, and give every activity 110% they are. A great fun day was had by all for the last day of term at inter-house sports day. 13 kids per team. These little schools possess a wonderful sense of comraderie, evident when Sarah was finishing her 800 metre race, and most of the school kids joined in the last 100 metres to help her over the finish line. Enough to have this mum pleased she was wearing sunglasses.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One of those Days

"It's only flat on the bottom Mum"

I'm not much for daily plans. With four young kids, a more times than not absent husband and a vast menagerie of livestock to tend, it seems only a recipe for disappointment. But today I had a plan, beginning with feeding up and having molasses delivered to two breeder paddocks all before smoko. In hindsight, what was I thinking? The plan began to unravel rather early in proceedings, when the pipe from the molasses tank to the trailer came away, leaving in it's wake a voluminous stream of thick dark treacle, which before I could scramble from the trailer, up the steep incline to the tap, had already headed for the Bruce Highway at alarming pace. I was envisaging a 'Road Runner' like scene, with B-doubles stopped in their tracks, their wheels spinning in molasses.

But we got the trailer filled and mixed and had very nearly reached the gate of the first paddock, when BANG, no not an ambush, just a blown tyre on the trailer. With no means of un-hitching the trailer (where else would the jockey-wheel be, but next to where the trailer was parked at home), we started the 3k walk home. Not the mind-clearing jaunt you might hope, with the littlest helper most perplexed by the situation. We ventured back after lunch and retrieved the ute at least.

Not to be outdone the four-wheeler declared enough enough, after shifting irrigation pipes, and now sits proudly in the midst of the lucerne paddock, sprinklers whirring overhead, and the cause of another walk home (only 2 k this time), but very near dark. As Jess ever-the-optimist exclaimed, well mum you did want to get back into your walking.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Busy Days...

Could be fish in here...

We're flushing this coming Saturday, which always means a busy week prior. Needling donors, needling recips, more needling of donors, observing and then of course AI'ing them. Unfortunately you never know if it was worth the effort until the day you flush.
We've also got our "happy bull-breeders" hat on at the moment, with a couple of bulls selling on Friday, and another phone order for a truck-load. Now wishing we actually had some more.
School Holidays start this Friday..... we're flushing Saturday, Pony Club Sunday, mustering, preg-testing and weaning Monday, Tuesday. Love holidays, no clock-watching, no morning stress - no library-book searching, no lunch-making, no lost guitars, no unsigned permission slips, no 'has anyone seen my hat?', no "I'm leaving now for the bus, with or without you", etc etc.
Bring on the holidays...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Happy Birthday

Kids birthdays always seem to be a day of reflection. Even moreseo when your firstborn reaches double digits. So in between moving round bales, reflecting on the last ten years and unblocking the grey-water issue (that smell brings you back to the present with a jolt), we managed to whip up a chocolate cake. The birthday girl was suitably unimpressed that it wasn't one from the pages of the 'kids birthday cakes' book, but having produced approximately 27 masterpieces from this journal, I've brought in the new family rule that when you reach double-digits, you're too old for fancy cakes. Tough, but hey, I'm over it.
Unfortunately the day ended poorly with the 'vomiting' bug paying a visit through the night....advice to fellow parents, when somebody calls 'Mummy' in the middle of the night, move fast, very fast. We now wait for the little critter to spread his joy through the whole family.
But to my beautiful oldest daughter, thankyou for ten wonderful years - looking forward to the next ten.


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